Coordinating Color in Your Pet's Portrait

Capturing a pet and owner can be difficult. Especially when the pet is a cat. We have been doing more and more cat portraits. Cats have their own sense of timing and decide things on their own terms—much more than dogs do. 

One of the keys to a great portrait—in addition to subject, lighting and posing- is color harmony. Having the subject wear an outfit that matches the background. And this is just as important with our pet portraits as it is with people. In fact a little more so as it’s one more element of the image that needs to be in harmony. And with a smaller pet it is not always easy. 

For color balance in a pet portrait you need to think not only about fur color but their distinctive eye coloring as well. This subject selected tans and greens as the cat has very distinctive green eyes.

Color pet portraits as well as all people portraits look best with coordinating colors. The subjects do not all need to have on matching outfits, merely outfits whose colors look good together. We suggest that if all the colors of the outfits worn by the people in a portrait were on one person would the colors look good together? If not then you will want to make a wardrobe change. We also suggest colors that are lower key—unless you are one subject doing something like matching the eyes on the cat as shown here. Bright loud colors distract the eye from the subject matter. Everyone in one color such as black with one subject in red would be a distraction. Unless you wanted the whole focus of the portrait to be the person in red.

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