Behind the Scenes of the 2017 PAWS Fundraiser

It's always fun to get a glimpse behind the scenes of any event. It's especially fun and often times hilarious when the event includes dogs. Here is a the Behind the Scenes Video from the 2017 PAWS Fundraiser, our annual event to raise funds for All Breed Rescue & Training.  

We had a terrific turnout his year and raised a little over $1400 for All Breed. Thanks to our great sponsors who provide the wonderful swag for the goodie bags and gifts for the Grand Prize Basket: Bon Pet Supply, Stay Happy Pet Sitting, Your Canine Coach and Republic of Paws

Check out the video below for the Behind the Scenes of this event. 

Coordinating Color in Your Pet's Portrait

Capturing a pet and owner can be difficult. Especially when the pet is a cat. We have been doing more and more cat portraits. Cats have their own sense of timing and decide things on their own terms—much more than dogs do. One of the keys to a great portrait—in addition to subject, lighting and posing- is color harmony. Having the subject wear an outfit that matches the background.



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