Dogs are are joyful, playful and in the here and now. Dogs show us unconditional love. Plain and simple, I love dogs. And I love people and the way dogs interact with their people.

Though I've been in business more than 20 years (see Tara Patty Photography) I've been photographing dogs and their people the past eight years. I grew up with dogs and know what it means to lose a dog you love. That's why I'm passionate about photographing your pet so that you will have a lasting memory for all time. A great portrait of your dog will make you laugh, cry and remember the times you shared with your furry companion.

Some wonder if they should get a portrait made of their dog. You get portraits made of your family so why not the family pet. Because pets are family too!


Located at 815 South Sierra Madre ST #200 (inside BamPaws Stay & Play ).