Q. How does this whole session thing work?

A. You can book a pre-session consultation and we will discuss all your session details then. Or you can choose to go ahead and book your session without a consultation. See more info on pre-session consultation and booking your appointment here. After the session, in approximately 1 week we will have you back to the studio to review your images. We sit down together and see your images on a large screen and discuss various options for products.

Q.  What if my dog won’t sit still?

A.  We are used to working with hyper dogs, mellow dogs and all dogs in between. This is what we do. We will work however long it takes to get the image that reflects your dog's personality.

Q.  What should I do to prepare for the session?

A.  Work with your dog on commands (like stay, sit, etc). Just prior to the session take your dog for a walk or play with them to burn off some energy. Don't feed them just prior, let them be a little hungry so they'll be treat motivated. Let them have a change to go to the bathroom outside before coming into the studio. Don’t worry if they go on the floor here, we’re used to it!

Q. What should I bring to the session?

A.  Bring any special toys or treats that your dog loves. We have treats on hand but they may prefer their own special treats. 

Q.  I want to be in the portrait with my dog, what should I wear?

A.  Wear neutral solid colors. Coordinate colors with your pet(s)— for example earth tones are great for dogs with brown fur, or grays and blacks for dogs with black fur. The point is to be in harmony color wise with your dog and not standout where the viewer sees you and not the dog.

Wearing neutral or earth tones with your dog in the portrait helps harmonize the colors.

Wearing neutral or earth tones with your dog in the portrait helps harmonize the colors.