Kind words from Tracy Knupp and Eddie

Kind words from Diane Gomez and Ilan (AKA "The Prima Dona")

Kind words from Carin Vadala and Kona

"Tara photographed my two Border terriers, Cash and Sophie. Cash had just had his 12th birthday, and Sophie is going on 11 years of age, and I wanted some really good photos of them, individually and together. I checked around and several other dog owners recommended Tara. Thanks to Tara's skill (and patience -- boy, did she ever have to be patient!), she got a lot of fantastic photos. There were so many super-nice ones that it was hard to choose. Now I have photos of them all over the house! Tara's photos of my little guys demonstrate what I have always maintained -- that I have the cutest dogs ever! I highly recommend her.

--Judith Veale and super-models Cash and Sophie, Fountain, Colorado

“I can’t believe Tara was able to get a photo of our 2 year old and our two dogs! We love this picture, it’s amazing!

—Suzanne Casagrande, Peyton, CO

“I love the portrait Tara created of my dog Stella with me.”

—Phil Knupp, Colorado Springs

"I had moved from Missouri to Colorado so I lost my fabulous photographers in Missouri who had done many of my cat and dog photos.  I recently adopted a sweet beautiful Maine Coon/Persian mix cat and found out some weeks after adopting him that he has bone mouth cancer.  I wanted professional pictures done of him but who to go to?  I got on the internet, came across Tara's website, contacted her leaving a voicemail explaining about Buddy's condition, she contacted me back immediately and scheduled us within two days.  I was delighted with her professionalism, her work, the time she took with him and me, and her openness to my ideas on what I wanted in poses with him.  She did a fabulous job.  I got the most beautiful 16x20 bust shot of my sweet Buddy and it now is displayed proudly on my living room wall.    I was very pleased. So much, that I'm taking one of my older kitties that I've been wanting to get professional photos done of her soon.  Thank you Tara for great service and awesome memory photos! "

--Connie Tate, Colorado Springs